An antigen test is a faster variant of the Covid test that can provide answers as to whether there is an ongoing infection with Covid-19. The test is performed through a sample from the posterior nasal wall taken with a swab. 

The test result is ready after about 15 minutes. As a patient, you will receive an answer as soon as we have the opportunity, after about 1-2 hours.  

An antigen test can not detect a previous infection but only an ongoing infection. 

Please note that most countries do not approve of antigen results upon entry into the country.


Antigentest: 750 SEK

Medical certificate: 250 SEK


What is an antigentest?

An antigen test is a Covid test that is taken with a tip in the nose and can show if there is an ongoing Covid infection or not.

What is the difference compared to a PCR test?

The result is shown after 15 minutes. We will send the result to you by e-mail within a couple of hours. Please note that most countries do not accept an antigen test upon entry. A PCR test is needed for most travel purposes.

When can I take the test?

The test is taken to detect any ongoing infection with Covid-19. In the same way as with PCR tests, it is important that you are symptom free when you come and take a test. Hedda Care has the right to refuse to perform the test if we suspect that you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Do you issue certificates for antigen tests?

Yes, we can issue a medical certificate confirming your test result.  

We point out, however, that at present only a few countries approve a certificate based on an antigen test / Covid rapid test upon entry. It is the individual's own responsibility to stay informed about what test is required for each country. Hedda Care cannot be held responsible if it turns out that the test is not approved as a basis for entry.

Intyget anger både dag och tid för testet. Det datum som gäller för intyget är dagen då testet genomfördes Även klockslag anges, då testet utfördes. 

I am not a Swedish citizen, can I take the test anyway?

Yes, we help people who do not live in Sweden. This can apply to you who, for example, are on a temporary visit or do not have a Swedish social security number.  

Booking for individuals without a Swedish personal identity number need to be made by email or telephone. 

How long does it take to perform the test?

The test procedure takes about 5 minutes.

What answers can the test give?

The test detects any ongoing infection with Covid-19.

When do I get the result?

The test result is ready after 15 minutes and is sent out as soon as possible, usually after about one to two hours after testing.

Who can take the test?

Everyone can take an antigen test.  

To be able to carry out the test at one of Hedda Care's clinics you need to be symptom free. If you have any symptoms or feel sick, stay home. Hedda Care has the right to refuse testing if we suspect you have symptoms of Covid-19.

Is the test reliable?

Testet har god tillförlitlighet men som alla snabbtester så är de inte 100%. Vi använder tester från flera leverantörer vars sensitivitet varierar mellan en sensitivitet på ca 91-97,5% och en specificitet på 99%. Testet är CE-märkt. 

Det test som vi använder som regel heter Nadal och kommer från Nal von Minden. 

More information about the test and antigen tests can be found at Folkhälsomyndigheten; Folkhälsomyndigheten,8

What happens if I get a positive result?

If the result is positive you have to stay in quarantine and inform all persons that you recently have been in contact with. According to Swedish law, we are obliged to report any cases of positive result that shows an ongoing infection of Covid-19. The same legal requirements apply for notification in accordance with the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act as for detection by PCR test. This means that the test result must be reported for infection control and that infection tracking must be performed. 

För dig som individ så innebär det att du behöver försätta dig i karantän för att undvika att smitta andra. Dessutom behöver du kontakta de personer som du varit i kontakt med de senaste dagarna för att smittspåra. 

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Can you test larger groups or at workplaces?

If you want to conduct testing related to your business we are happy to help out in order to secure a safe working environment. We can test your employees. Contact us and we will discuss a suitable arrangement, either on-site testing in your premises or at one of our clinics. Contact us via