Antibody test

The antibody test for Covid-19 gives a quick answer within 15 minutes as to whether you have antibodies against Covid-19 or not.

An antibody test for Covid-19 is a performed with a small prick in your finger. Using the blood sample and a test strip, the result is displayed within 10-15 minutes. The test is performed by medically trained staff and the result needs to be assessed by someone with medical knowledge, not least due to any advice and recommendations as may follow the result.


Antibody test IgM or IgG: 450 SEK

Medical certificate: 250 SEK


Everyone can perform an antibody test. The test do not have an age limit. In order to get the best result we recommend you to take the test no earlier than 2-3 weeks after you have been infected.

It is important, however, that we do not accept persons who show symptoms, such as cold symptoms or fever . If you are ill, you need to stay at home and follow current guidelines. Persons with symptoms that come to our reception, we unfortunately need to reject due to the risk of infection.

Taking the test only takes about 5 minutes. After about 15 minutes, the result is analysed by medical staff at the reception.

We will analyze the result and send it to you by text message or email during the same day, after about 1-2 hours. We will send the result as soon as we have the opportunity.

We offer testning of two types of antibodies; IgM and IgG. The test can give three types of answers:

1. Negative . This means that no antibodies have been identified. The probability of having undergone Covid-19 is low.

2. Positive for IgM antibodies. This may indicate a history of infection. If only IgM antibodies are present, follow-up with an additional sample of 2-4 weeks is recommended to see if IgG antibodies can be detected.

3. Positive for IgG antibodies. This suggests a previous infection of Covid-19 . It is not clear whether everyone infected by SARS-CoV-2 develops measurable levels of IgG, especially if you have had a mild infection. The Swedish Public Health Agency estimates that the presence of antibodies provides "a certain immunological protection and thus reduced risk of recurrence in the near future".

We use a test called COVID-19 IgG / IgM Rapid test. This is an antibody test that is CE marked and can thus be sold in Europe. In Sweden, the underlying documentation for the CE marking has been reviewed by the Medical Products Agency and the test has been further validated at Akademiska in Uppsala, which has published an article that you can read here .

The test has a high reliability but as with all rapid tests they are not 100% certain. The test that we use has a sensitivity of 90,2% and a specificity of 99,2%. 

If you want to conduct testing related to your business we are happy to help out in order to secure a safe working environment. We can test your employees. Contact us and we will discuss a suitable arrangement, either on-site testing in your premises or at one of our clinics. Contact us via or telephone +46 10 288 99 32.