Covid certificate

For travel to countries within the EU it is now required to have a covid certificate. A new template has been created by the European Commission to increase security and quality of the certificates. For travel outside EU Hedda Cares general travel certificates apply. 

Hedda Care issue these certificates on behalf of eHälsomyndigheten, and is an approved partner. 

How it works

  • Find out what regulations that apply to the country you are travelling to
  • Make an appointment at a Hedda Care clinic
  • At the visit, mention that you wish to have the EU approved covid certificate
  • The covid test is taken by medically trained staff
  • If the test result is negative it will be sent to eHälsomyndigheten and a covid certificate is issues and sent to your digital mailbox (i.e. Kivra)
  • If you do not have an applicable digital mailbox, ask the staff at the clinic to issue a paper copy. (Note! Printed certificates can only be handed out during the opening hours, that might be limited) 

The test is issued at no charge 

In order to get your digital test certificate from eHälsomyndigheten you need a Swedish social security number and a digital mailbox (for example Kivra). An account for the digital mailbox for info from Swedish authorities need to be prepared before the visit. 

If you do not have a Swedish social security number or if you do not have a digital mailbox for Swedish authority info (for example Kivra or Min myndighetspost), you can ask for a printed version of the certificate. Please note that the printed certificates only can be printed and issued during the opening hours for the Hedda Care clinics. Opening hours can differ between clinics and need to be discussed with employees at site.

The covid certificate is initiated by the European Commission and regulated to be valid in all countries within the EU. 

For travel outside Europe other covid certificates are required.

Hedda Care issues certificates that are applicable and approved for countries outside Europe. 

Hedda Care can offer tests that are required according to Health Security Committee within the EU. 

Covid tests that are approved:

> NAAT (nucleic acid test amplification), also called PCR test or RT PCR

> RAT (rapid antigen test), also called antigentest which is a rapid test for covid

The information on the certificate is outlined by the EU and eHälsomyndigheten and follows the same standard as for all European countries. The information is based on the information in the national register. 

The covid certificate is received quickly if you have a digital mailbox (i.e. Kivra).  

If you take an antigentest you will get the digital certificate to your digital mailbox at the latest the same evening as the test has been taken.  

If you take a PCR test you will get your digital certificate to your digital mailbox depending on when the test was taken during the day.   Tests taken before 10.00 will give you your test to your digital mailbox at the latest the same evening. PCR tests taken after 10.00 will give you your test to your digital mailbox at the latest the next day, in the evening. 

Without a digital mailbox, the regulations from the eHälsomyndigheten, means that you have to pick up a printed copy of your covid certificate. 

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