Business solutions

Hedda Care offers customized arrangements for you and your company. We offer tests for Covid-19 that match your need to get your employees back to work and to get Sweden's economy back on its feet.

How it works

After we have decided on the format and time for the tests, we prepare the testing with our medical team. All employees are registered in our journal system and we secure contact information to be able to send the test result.

To perform the test you are shown to a nurse who will help you. It takes about 5 minutes per person.

We return with test results by text or email depending on the type of test that has been taken and the final result.

If desired, and with the consent of the employees, the test results can be compiled and presented to the person in charge at the company.

Payment is made via invoice or on site.

Our clinics

Hedda Care has clinics in Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö.

In addition, we can make visits for testing at your company according to your wishes, around the country. We are flexible to meet your needs.

Travel certificate

For certain work situations and for certain necessary trips, a certificate showing that an individual is healthy may be needed. After medical tests, our medical doctors can issue such certificates.

The basis for the certificate can be either an antibody test or a PCR test.

Security at all levels

Medical safety and reliability are of course the basis of our offer. Safe tests together with trained medical staff who perform the tests.

Säkerheten inkluderar även kvalitetssäkrade, ISO-certifierade och ackrediterade laboratorium som analyserar de PCR-tester som vi utför.  

Another important aspect for us is that we can certify that it is the person taking the test who is matched with the correct test result. Through the personal meeting at the visit, identity check and that the test is done by our staff, we can ensure that we get correct test answers.

Request for quotation

We look forward to developing a plan that corresponds to your needs for your particular business.

Contact Gabriella Stigen for more information.
Mobile: + 46 703 14 83 07

Genomförda kunduppdrag

Vi samarbetar med små så väl som stora företag. Vi har utfört många olika typer av testning, allt från enstaka företagsbesök vid oro för smitta, återkommande stående tid för preventiv testning av medarbetare samt provtagning  av kunder och arrangörer vid större event. 

  • Skid WM, Idre, februari 2021