Travel certificate

Hedda Care issues several different certificates for covid-19. The certificates are signed my a medical doctor. For travel abroad the certificates are adjusted to local regulations and requirements.

The certificate is written in English. 

Different rules apply to different countries regarding how close to the trip the test needs to be taken. You need to ensure this yourself and have information about it before you book the test, so that the certificate will be valid. 

Covid certificate (EU approved)

The Swedish authority eHälsomyndigheten has according to an initiative from the EU created a covid certificate that is required for travel to all countries within the EU. 

More abou covid certificate covidbevis 

What are the requirements for a certificate or documentation when traveling abroad?

It is your own responsibility to find out what requirements there are for your specific trip and what documentation may be required to travel to / in a particular country. It is the individual's responsibility to provide if special information is required for a valid entry certificate in the country in question. Please inform Hedda Care's employees at the time of the test to see how we can try to meet the specific needs. 

We ask you to take note that Hedda Care performs a service that includes conducting a test and announcing a test result, which we offer at the request of our customers. We have no influence on or responsibility for any changes regarding different countries or airlines rules / actions regarding travelers.

How do I make an appointment?

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Testbevis kostar inget. 
Friskintyg eller reseintyg av annan art än testbevis kostar 250 SEK utöver kostnad för det utförda testet 

Vaccinationsintyg samt intyg för genomgången covid kostar 625 SEK. 

All of our certificates are written in English

We can issue certificates for all of the different tests that we perform at our clinics, performed by our medically trained staff. By doing so we can ensure that the test has been conducted in the correct way and which individual that has been tested.

The health certificate states both time and day of the test. Please note that the exact time for when the test has been taken is included. We also include the date for when the certificate is issued, i.e. when our medical doctors signs it. 

Certificate for PCR-tests are sent by email the next day (in the evening). For urgent matters and tests taken early in the morning, certificates can be issued the same day.  

Certificates for antigen tests will be sent in the evening the same day as the test has been taken. For urgent matters, certificates can be sent to you within the hour if agreed with our nurses. 

Yes. We can issue certificates certifying information about vaccination for covid-19. Please bring your vaccination card to the clinic and we will help you to issue the certificate the same day. Price: 625 SEK.  

Yes. We can issue certificates certifying information about a positive result for covid-19 and covid recovery. Please bring your evidence for the positive result to the clinic and we will help you to issue the certificate the same day. Price: 625 SEK.