Om du önskar ta reda på om du bär på Covid-19 eller om du ska ut och resa och är i behov av ett reseintyg behöver du göra ett PCR-test.

Test that certifies freedom from infection (PCR)

To be able to certify that you are not infected with Covid-19, a so-called PCR test is taken.
The test is done with swab inside of your nose and thereafter sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Test results are sent out the same day if taken before 10 o´clock on weekdays. Otherwise the result will be sent out the day after (in the evening). 

The test does not answer whether you have had an infection before, but only if you have an ongoing infection or not.

Hedda Care samarbetar med ett privat laboratorium som heter Life Genomics och som är ackrediterat samt rapporterar till Folkhälsomyndigheten. 

Hedda Care är även en av få utvalda vårdaktörer som är godkänd och rekommenderad av kinesiska myndigheter för provtagning inför resa till Kina. 


PCR-test: 1750 SEK
Medical certificate: 250 SEK


A PCR test for Covid-19 is a sample taken by gently inserting a swab into the nose. The test is performed by medically trained personnel and the result is sent to a certified laboratory.

Everyone is welcome to perform a PCR-test no matter of age.

It is important to note that we do not accept people who show symptoms, such as cold symptoms or fever. If you are ill, you need to stay at home and follow current guidelines. People with symptoms that come to our reception will be rejected due to the risk of infection.

If you have a Swedish identity number please book through our webpage. If you do not have a Swedish identity number please book via email or telephone.

Yes, we help people who do not live in Sweden. This can apply to you who, for example, are on a temporary visit or who do not have a Swedish social security number.

Bookings for people without a Swedish personal identity number need to be made by email or telephone.

The test takes about 5 minutes to perform.

The PCR-test is sent to a laboratory for analysis. Tests taken before 10 in the morning on weekdays, the result is sent out the same evening. For all other tests results will be sent via email the day after (in the evening).

For urgent situations we can sometimes offer test answers the same day, provided that the test can be taken in the morning. Testresult will then be received around 22.00 CET.

The laboratory is open all days of the week and health certificates can therefore be sent out every evening.

The health certificate states both time and day of the test. Please note that the exact time for when the test has been taken is included. We also include the date for when the certificate is issued, i.e. when our medical doctors signs it. 

Yes, all of our certificates are in English.

The certificate describes the type of test taken and that it is a certified laboratory that analyzes the tests. It also tells you what result the PCR test has given. The certificate is signed by Hedda Care's medical doctor and stamped with our clinics seal.

It is your own responsibility to find out what requirements there are for your specific trip and what documentation may be required to travel to / in a particular country. It is the individual's responsibility to provide if special information is required for a valid entry certificate in the country in question. Please inform Hedda Care's employees at the time of the test to see how we can try to meet the specific needs.

We ask you to take note that Hedda Care performs a service that includes conducting a test and announcing a test result, which we offer at the request of our customers. We have no influence on or responsibility for any changes regarding different countries or airlines rules / actions regarding travelers.

We can only issue certificates and certify test results that we have performed ourselves and where we know that it followed all applicable processes and routines and that it is a certified laboratory that has analyzed the test.

We perform the same kind of test that is used at hospitals and medical clinics all over the world, regarding the Corona-virus.

For all kinds of tests there can be a small amount of incorrections. A test is never 100 % reliable. A PCR-test is however the most accurate that that can be taken for Covid-19 and measures approximately 99%.

Laboratoriet som vi samarbetar med är Life Genomics, som är ett ackrediterat laboratorium med högsta säkerhet och kvalitet. De rapporterar till Folkhälsomyndigheten och har ISO 15189. 

Om ni är ett företag som vill testa era medarbetare eller kunder, så hjälpa vi er gärna med det. 

Kontakta oss så diskuterar vi ett lämpligt upplägg med er, antingen för testning på plats hos er eller på vår mottagning. Kontakta oss via eller ring oss på 010-288 99 32 så kan vi direkt planera provtagning som passar just er organisation.