If you want to find out if you are a carrier of Covid-19 or if you are going to travel and need a travel certificate, then PCR is probably the test you want to do.

Test that certifies freedom from infection (PCR)

För att kunna intyga att du inte är smittad med Covid-19 tas ett så kallat PCR-test.
Detta innebär att vi topsar dig i näsan och skickar testet till ett laboratorium för analys.*

Results are obtained the day after testing, provided that everything went well with your analysis. You will always be notified if something unexpected occurs.

The test does not answer whether you have had an infection before, but only if you have an ongoing infection or not.


PCR-test: 1750 SEK
Medical certificate: 250 SEK


What is an PCR-test?

A PCR test for Covid-19 is a sample taken by gently inserting a swab into the nose. The test is performed by medically trained personnel and the result is sent to a certified laboratory.

Who can get tested?

Everyone is welcome to perform a PCR-test no matter of age.

It is important to note that we do not accept people who show symptoms, such as cold symptoms or fever. If you are ill, you need to stay at home and follow current guidelines. People with symptoms that come to our reception will be rejected due to the risk of infection.

How do I make an appointment?

If you have a Swedish identity number please book through our webpage. If you do not have a Swedish identity number please book via email or telephone.

I am not a Swedish citizen, can you help me?

Yes, we help people who do not live in Sweden. This can apply to you who, for example, are on a temporary visit or who do not have a Swedish social security number.

Bookings for people without a Swedish personal identity number need to be made by email or telephone.

How long does it take to perform the test?

The test takes about 5 minutes to perform. The result will be sent to you by e-mail the day after the test.

When do I get the result?

The test is sent to a laboratory that analyzes the answer. On weekdays, the answer will be sent to you by e-mail the day after you take the test.

The results will be with you around 20.00 in the eventing. If you have not received anything by that time, let us know by directly sending an email to covid19@heddacare.se

The laboratory is open all days of the week and test result as well as medical certificates are sent out all days of the week.

What date/time are provided on the certificate?

Intyget anger både dag och tid för testet. Det datum som gäller för intyget är dagen då testet genomfördes Även klockslag anges, då testet utfördes. Dessutom anges datum för när läkaren signerar intyget, vilket är dagen då analysen har skett. 

Can I have the certificate in English?

Yes, all of our certificates are in English.

What kind of certificate do you issue?

The certificate describes the type of test taken and that it is a certified laboratory that analyzes the tests. It also tells you what result the PCR test has given. The certificate is signed by Hedda Care's medical doctor and stamped with our clinics seal.

What are the requirements for a certificate or documentation when traveling abroad?

It is your own responsibility to find out what requirements there are for your specific trip and what documentation may be required to travel to / in a particular country. It is the individual's responsibility to provide if special information is required for a valid entry certificate in the country in question. Please inform Hedda Care's employees at the time of the test to see how we can try to meet the specific needs.

We ask you to take note that Hedda Care performs a service that includes conducting a test and announcing a test result, which we offer at the request of our customers. We have no influence on or responsibility for any changes regarding different countries or airlines rules / actions regarding travelers.

Can you issue certificates for a test I have performed at another clinic?

We can only issue certificates and certify test results that we have performed ourselves and where we know that it followed all applicable processes and routines and that it is a certified laboratory that has analyzed the test.

Is the test reliable?

Vi använder samma test som svenska sjukvården använder för att identifiera pågående smitta bland sina patienter och som har använts världen över sedan utbrottet av Covid-19.
Som för samtliga test på marknaden så finns det en felmarginal. Ett test är aldrig 100% tillförlitligt.

Can you test larger groups or at workplaces?

If you want to conduct testing related to your business we are happy to help out in order to secure a safe working environment. We can test your employees. Contact us and we will discuss a suitable arrangement, either on-site testing in your premises or at one of our clinics. Contact us via covid19@heddacare.se